Why domain age checkers are a bad idea

Domain age checking is a bad thing because it gives a false impression that domain names are valid for a particular period of time, said a senior industry leader.

The process can also give false impressions about the security of the domain name, he added.

The practice of age check was introduced by domain registrar GoDaddy in 2009 to prevent domain name theft.

The domain name system, in which a user types in his name and a website checks whether the domain is legitimate or a scam, was originally designed to be a simple way to track the origins of a domain name.

But, as the number of legitimate domain names rose and more and more domains were registered, the name age check service was created to detect if a domain was a scam or legitimate.

GoDaddy has since started using domain age verification technology on domain name registration sites.

However, the technology has become an accepted practice for a host of websites including WordPress.com, which is registered to a non-profit, said Amit Kumar, founder and CEO of GlobalDomainExchange.com.

He said that the domain age checks have a big impact on website security.

“In the case of WordPress, we see a 60 per cent reduction in domain name thefts.

The site was hit with more than 1,000 domain name age checks in just two days,” Kumar said.

However, a senior domain registrant who wished to remain anonymous said that a domain age age check on WordPress.net, the biggest WordPress hosting company, had only about one-tenth of a percentage point lower theft rates than GoDaddy’s website.

A year ago, the company’s website was one of the top five for domains age checked.

However now, the site is one of its top five in terms of thefts.

Kumar said that he was not aware of any website that was hacked or compromised through the domain-age-checker technology.

However the person added that many companies were trying to protect their domain name by limiting access to certain pages.

“The security of websites is very important and we have to maintain the security,” he said.

The domain age-check service has already been used on more than 5,000 domains, according to Kumar.

“However, it is not a foolproof solution as the fraudsters can still get a domain from one of our services and create fake domains,” he added, adding that a person can still be caught in the middle of a fake domain-name-age check.

The company is also considering a system for tracking domain age by email.

A system will allow the registrar to track changes to domain names by email, Kumar said, adding this would allow for a quicker response to any issue.

The email tracking feature could help in tracking out new domain names as the registrant is not given a time-sensitive deadline.


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