When America’s first woman became president, the country was divided, a new book reveals –

NEW YORK — When America’s most famous woman became the nation’s first female president, a book written by a former White House aide reveals that she wasn’t the first woman in American history to succeed in the Oval Office.

“America Never Falls” by former White, House aide Kathleen Hennessey reveals how, when Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential candidate to formally accept the election on Nov. 7, 2016, she faced a divided country and was in a difficult spot.

It was a moment that was far from a foregone conclusion, she said in the book, which was published Monday.

The country had been divided in many ways, and the election was still going on, Hennesseys book said.

It’s an insight into the American presidency, Hennys book says, that was “very rare.”

“In America, if you win the election, it’s over,” she said.

“And if you lose, you’re still going to be in office for another term.”

The book also details the tumultuous period between Trump’s victory and Clinton’s coronation.

Hennessey’s book is the latest installment of a series by former aides and political operatives who say she played a critical role in the White House and a crucial role in helping Clinton survive the election.

“It was one of those moments where, I think, the public really started to see that Hillary Clinton was going to have a shot at winning the presidency,” said Republican strategist Katie Packer.

“It was her ability to get things done, her ability, it seemed to me, to get her way in terms of being in the political arena and being able to get a lot of the big decisions made, she really was going in.”

But Henneses book also reveals that there were moments in the transition when the nation was at its worst.

“We had an unprecedented moment in the early days of the Trump administration, where the public was divided,” she wrote.

“We had a president who was so deeply unpopular, that he would not get an overwhelming majority of the vote.

And there was a public who believed that he was a bully, who had a bad relationship with women.

And then there was the president who didn’t like women at all.

There was an effort in the West Wing to try to get him to get his own house in order, to clean up his image, to have more discipline.

But the president didn’t do it, so it was a really bad time for women in Washington.””

It’s a shame that this book, because it’s so candid about some of the things that happened in the administration, and I think it’s very interesting and it’s a really important book,” Hennessaid.

“I think it’ll help people understand the Trump White House a little better.”

Henness book, entitled “America Never Fell,” is set to be published Monday in the New York Times.


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