Barbershop barbershop chain bars patrons with ‘shameful’ pictures

The Barbershops of Australia has been hit by a new scandal with some barbers who work in the state claiming their customers are “shamed” for posting pictures of themselves in their own personal ads on the internet.

The company has been ordered to change its online advertising policy.

Photo: Supplied A company spokesman told The Australian the business was “extremely disappointed” and the company would be reviewing its online ads.

“We will be reviewing our advertising policies and we will work with the relevant advertising agencies to ensure that we are compliant with our legal obligations,” the spokesman said.

The company has had its advertising policies changed and will be working with the appropriate advertising agencies “to ensure that the advertisement is compliant with the Australian Advertising Code”.

Advertisement “The current policy of Barberships of Australia is very clear: no advertisements that contain images of an identifiable person are allowed in any online advertisement or promotional material.”

The Australian Barbers Association (ABA) says the pictures posted online are not illegal.

A spokesperson for Barbers shops in Melbourne said the company had “a zero tolerance” approach to advertising.

Barbershops in Melbourne and Melbourne-Petersham, the other largest city in Victoria, have banned customers from posting their photos on the websites of their businesses.

Bars in the Melbourne-Sydney area have also banned customers for posting their own ads on their websites.

Ms Ting said the business had been inundated with complaints about the online advertising.

“We’ve had people say to us that they’ve had pictures of their customers posted on their website.

We’ve had a lot of complaints and people were really upset about it,” she said.

“The whole community was really upset by it.”

I’ve had some people who were concerned about being seen in the pictures of other people, so they’re upset about that too.

“Ms Flanders said she was happy for the Barbers in her community to have their businesses “deal with it” but had received complaints about other customers being “shocked”.”

I’m very concerned about that.

We have to be careful that we do things the right way,” she told The ABC.

She said she would now be “taking action against those people who are posting their personal pictures on our websites”.”

We want people to be able to see that there are businesses in their communities who are doing their bit, who are really looking after their community.

“Ms Tings mother, who has since moved away, said her son’s experience was a “disgrace” and she was disappointed in the Bartershop of Australia.

Mr Flanders told the ABC his son had posted the picture on his own Facebook page and had been told by the barbers he was “not allowed” to post it.

He said he was not sure what his legal status was but that he would be taking legal action.

Other Barbers and Hairdressers have also said they have been contacted by concerned customers.

Fiers said it was “disheartening” to see how much the industry had lost out from the current policy.”

It’s sad to see people go through this and it’s a shame, but it’s just how things are,” he said.”

There’s so many businesses that have been in business for years and years that have lost money and people don’t even know it.

I’m a very small business and I’ve got to keep going to keep growing.


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