The most common names in math are ‘tough’ and ‘hard’ to pronounce

A new report has found that, as a whole, the most common mathematical terms in the world are “tough,” “hard,” “easy” and “somewhat” difficult to pronounce.

The report, titled “The Hardest Math Words in the World,” by researchers at the University of Michigan, was published in the Journal of Phonetics and Phonography.

The study was funded by the National Science Foundation.

The researchers looked at the most commonly used mathematical terms on the Internet, and determined which of the terms were the most difficult to say and understood.

The term “pig” is the most widely used among mathematical terms, according to the study.

However, “pigeon” and others with similar names are used less often than “pigs,” “piggies,” “wombat” and other similar names.

The authors also looked at whether certain terms were commonly used in mathematics and found that some were.

For instance, “saucer” is commonly used by mathematicians and computer scientists, the researchers found.

“Saucer is a very common mathematical word, so we did a lot of research on it,” says Christopher Kwan, an associate professor of computer science at the university.

“It’s actually one of the harder words to pronounce because of how it’s used.”

Kwan has been studying the language and how people use it for years.

The first study Kwan published in 2003 looked at people’s preferences for numbers from 1 to 100 and found it was used by only 1.6 percent of the population.

However the second study published in 2011 found the word had increased its usage by 2.7 percent.

The third study, published in 2013, found it has increased by 10.1 percent.

Kwan’s team has also studied how words are used on the internet.

In the new study, Kwan looked at how people in different countries use different mathematical terms and whether they were more likely to use them or less likely to.

He found that people in the U.S. used a wider variety of words, ranging from “sausage” to “cabbage,” than people in Canada or Germany.

K.K. is also working on a study that is looking at how language is used online and how words that are used are used.

He says it is important to have a wide range of words that people can use and use them in different ways.

“People are using a lot more words in the context of everyday life, and it is a great time to have that kind of flexibility,” Kwan says.

“We have a lot less of that flexibility with the Internet.”

The study also looked specifically at how the term “laptop” was used online, as well as other common mathematical words.

The word “laptops” is used more than half the time on the web, but it is only used about half the times when people use “cabotage” or “cargo box,” according to Kwan.

“Laptops are a common name for a kind of laptop that has a small battery,” K. Kans research found.

He also found that the word “pizza” was frequently used in the web and on the phone.

“Pizza is used by about 6 percent of people who are not in the US and is almost certainly used by people in other countries,” Kans says.

Kogan says there are many reasons for this.

“For example, people tend to talk about pizza in terms of what you eat, not what you look like,” he says.

In other words, people in more developed countries use pizza as an indicator of what kind of food they are eating.

In addition, the word may be used as a catch-all for a number of other things.

For example, when people are making a joke about someone’s “lady friend,” Kogan points out, “ladys friend is the person who gave them the pizza.”

He also points out that the study focused on how people used words, and not the specific meaning.

“What’s interesting about this study is that it was done on the Web, and I think that’s important,” Kowalski says.

He points out some of the other common terms that are not mentioned in the study, like “lens” and the word for “lamp.”

K. W. says the study does not necessarily mean people are using fewer words in everyday speech.

“This is an attempt to figure out if people are more likely than people who use less are using less words, or whether they’re using more words, than people use,” Kwogan says.

The new study is a reminder to all the people out there who might be using a word, or a concept, that it’s still a big deal to say it, Kwahani says.

She says the word could be used by a lot people and not be used in a specific way.


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