How to make a vector with a ‘big fat’ number, from the creator of the ‘Walking Dead’ comic to the creator behind the first animated GIFs

The first GIF of a dog’s head on the cover of ‘WALKING DEAD’ #5.

It’s a perfect illustration of the way we use our hands in the digital world, said Chris Williams, who is the creator and director of the show, and the co-creator of the GIFs themselves.

We use them to get into the flow of the story.

We want to use our fingers to draw the point of view and give it a sense of scale.

We also use our arms and legs to make the image as real as possible.

The GIF was made using Adobe After Effects and a simple script, but it was so successful that it’s been featured in a number of animated GIF animations.

It’s not only about getting a great picture in the field but also how we present it,” Williams said.

The human body has a lot of characteristics that are unique to that particular species, which makes it a natural fit to make something like a GIF,” he said.”

Animators are drawn to animals, but also humanoids.

The human body has a lot of characteristics that are unique to that particular species, which makes it a natural fit to make something like a GIF,” he said.

Williams also said it’s important for animators to keep in mind that a GIF can be used for a lot more than just the picture of a face.

Animated GIFs can be useful for people who are just starting out in animation, but the work can also be used in the creative process.

“It’s always good to know what you’re going to be doing with your gif,” he added.

Williams said that even though the GIF is made from scratch, he has used some of the same tricks and techniques that he used in his work with the show.

For example, in the episode ‘Witch Hunt,’ the dog is seen playing a game of hide and seek with the humans.

When the humans see the dog playing hide and search, they make a decision to take the dog out of the picture, but that decision is then reversed when the humans try to take out the dog from the picture.

Williams explained that the same principle applies in his animated GIF for ‘The Walking Dead.’

“We use a very basic idea for how a GIF is going to look like, and then we make a simple animation of that concept,” he explained.

“This is really just a few simple lines of code.

It’s just a simple thing, and it’s meant to be used to make an animation.”

For the dog, Williams has used a similar approach in order to convey that the animal is an important character in the story, which is why the dog’s name is ‘Karen.’

Williams said it was important for him to make sure that the animation is realistic, because the animation could become a bit too realistic.

As for what kind of animal the dog will become in the future, Williams said it would be interesting to see if a “big fat” number could be created.

While the GIF has made it onto the cover, Williams was not able to create the image on-set, because it was too difficult.

He did however, make the GIF available for anyone who wants to make their own.

If you’d like to see a GIF of the dog in action, check out the video below:The ‘WINGING DEAD: THE GIF’ trailer is available to view now.


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