What’s your favorite Reddit post from 2018?

The 2018 Reddit user survey has finally been released.

This year’s survey asked about some of the most popular Reddit posts that year.

The first thing to notice is that there are many posts from 2018 that didn’t make the top 10.

There are posts from 2017 that were posted in 2018, as well as some posts that are just from 2016.

Here are the top posts from this year. 

There are some interesting things that we can look at in this survey.

In particular, the top-ten posts from the first week of 2018 are very different than the top ten posts from 2015.

For example, the number of new comments on these posts is higher than the number that were made during 2015.

This indicates that the first day of 2018 saw a spike in comments.

In addition, the post that made the top spot in the first half of 2018 is actually a popular post.

It has a large number of upvotes that indicates that it is getting more attention than it had at the beginning of 2018.

The number of comments that came up after the initial post is also different this year, as compared to the number at the start of 2018, which was a little lower.

The numbers for 2018 also show a different trend for content on the site.

In 2017, most posts were from Reddit employees.

In 2018, the most content comes from people who are working at the company.

This suggests that Reddit employees are the most active members of the site, and it is very likely that these people will have more interaction on Reddit in the near future.

There is also an increase in links from people using the “like” button.

This is probably because the top five posts from a given day on Reddit are very popular and the top comment is a lot more common than it was in 2017.

The other interesting thing is that the top post from the last month is almost twice as popular as the one from the same month in 2017, indicating that people are continuing to post content from the end of 2017. 

In 2017, we were told that the site was about to make a big change to the way Reddit works, and many of the posts were posted by former Reddit employees that had left the company after a short time.

We are now told that this is no longer the case, and that there will be a new group of employees on the Reddit team that will be working on Reddit.

This seems like a really exciting development, and I can’t wait to see how this group of people will be able to work together on the project.


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