What you need to know about Irish domain name registrations

The Irish government has said that it will require companies to register domain names when they are used to access a website or other online service.

The new regulations are part of the government’s Digital Ireland initiative, which aims to streamline the process of obtaining Irish domain names.

The rules also include an additional requirement that the domain name is registered with the correct registrar.

“These are measures that will ensure that the registration of a domain name with the right registrar is done correctly and within the appropriate legal framework, and they will also protect the Irish language and culture,” said a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) spokesperson.

Irish companies would need to register the domain with the Department of the Taoiseach in order to be eligible for domain name registration, the spokesperson added.

Under the current rules, companies are required to register domains in accordance with a three-step process.

First, the applicant must submit a formal application form, which must be sent to the Irish Registrar General.

Then, the Irish Government requires the applicant to obtain a domain registration agreement, which is then submitted to the Department.

Finally, the Department then requires the Irish company to register that domain with a new registrar, which in turn registers the domain in the domain registration database.

If the company does not receive the domain registered agreement within 15 days, the department will then ask the Irish government for an extension of time to complete the process.

The government spokesperson did not elaborate on how this extension process would work.

In a blog post, the DFTA said that this will ensure a “transparent, robust and competitive” register of domain names, as well as ensure the country is “committed to the development of a secure, transparent and competitive internet environment”.

“The Government has also established a mechanism for all of the domain owners to submit a complaint against the Irish domain registration authorities if they believe they have been misused,” it added.

In a separate announcement, the government said that “no matter how the register is maintained, it is vital that it is not misused.”

“A registered domain may also be subject to a licence or other restriction if the registered domain has been misappropriated or used inappropriately,” the spokesperson said.

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