The Next Chapter in our ‘Vampire Diaries’ History: The ‘Viral’ Podcasts Return for ‘Vandalism’ series

It’s the first episode of Season 5, the fourth of which airs on October 6 on MTV, and it looks like the gang is all back in action.

With a host of new episodes to watch, “Vandalisms” follows a group of misfits who decide to break out of the strictures of the Vandalia cult in an effort to get back on their feet, with the help of a few other outsiders.

With the help from a group called the “Vandals,” they attempt to take down their former arch-nemesis, the Vampire, in a battle for power.

“Vampires” was the first season to explore a new kind of vampirism, with new characters like the Vandals and the “Hush-Hush” gang, which included “Milo” and “Toby” (also from “Vampire”), both from the show’s third season.

“I wanted to make sure the characters were real people, so we’re not just imagining that they are just characters that we’ve played,” creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss said in a press release.

“The vampires have really come back, and we’re going to be back at it with them in a new, more dangerous way.”

The show also returns with the return of an old friend, the new vamp.

The Vampire Diaries season 5 finale aired last week, but we know there’s a lot more coming.

“This season is really about vampires,” Fleiss told

“It’s about the vampires, it’s about how the vampires have changed the world.

There are a lot of new things happening.

So we’ve been really excited about coming back, so that people who have been fans of the show will be really excited to see what happens.”

Fleiss, who also helmed the series’ fourth season, said the show “has a very dark tone, and I think it’s a great time for a vampire story, especially because it’s all the more exciting when you have all of these characters in their own little world, and each one of them has their own goals.

It’s really exciting to be able to play with these characters again, and then really have them take on new things.”

In addition to new episodes of “Viral,” the show also features the return to a regular lineup of “Million Dollar Listing” celebrities.

“Hands Up, Don’t Kill Me,” a new song by Miley Cyrus, was recently released, and the actress is slated to appear in a series of vid-o videos for “Vidalia.”

“Hollywood Loves Vampires” star and “Vangelis” director Justin Theroux is also joining the series as an executive producer, with an “V” in his name.

“When we created Vandalisms, it was a really important project for me to see how these people who we’ve loved for so long could go through something like this,” Fleish said.

“You have to think about it like a movie.

We have to understand it, and if it’s fun, it can be fun.

If it’s scary, we have to be scared of it, because we’re dealing with a very real threat to our society, and our society is in the throes of an epidemic.

That’s a very big threat to us.”

The series is also the brainchild of “Hulu” and VH1 Networks president Kevin Reilly, who has been an integral part of the series.

Reilly, known for his hit “Hangover” and his “The Mindy Project” movies, is also a “Vanderpump Rules” producer, and he is directing the series from a script by Fleiss and writer Michael Grazer.

Reilly has been involved in many of the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” movies and television shows, and his script is also being adapted into a film.

“We’re excited to be bringing the world of vampires to the big screen,” Reilly told TV Guide.

“As we’ve seen with the big-screen vampire movies, they’re not quite right, and they’re a bit silly, but they’re great.

We wanted to bring them back to life, and so we’ve created a whole new world that is all about vampires and a new world of characters that are all just so much more than we could have ever imagined before.”


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