Which of the World’s Most Powerful Men Is the Latest Religious Right Activist?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the latest wave of religious right activists to jump on the religious right bandwagon.

You probably have also heard about this latest group of religious conservative activists: the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).

AFDI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is known for promoting and defending the Christian right, and is affiliated with the American Family Association (AFA).

AFDI’s mission statement on its website reads: “We fight for the sanctity of life and the protection of unborn children.

We fight to keep children safe from predators.

We stand in defense of our right to free speech and our right of association.

We advocate for our right as parents to make the choices that we want to make for our children.

And we stand up to those who try to destroy the family and to those that seek to use it for their own ends.”

AFDI has a long history of activism, and they have been involved in fights against gay marriage and abortion rights.

AFDI’s mission is stated in their website: “AFDI has always stood up for the family as a fundamental human right, with the full understanding that every child deserves to grow up in a loving home.”

AFDIs stated mission statement reads: Our mission is to defend the sanctation of life, the sanctification of marriage, the protection and nurture of children, and the sanctificiation of our nation.

Our mission also includes the preservation of the traditional family, protecting the environment, and promoting responsible gun ownership.

AFDIS is the first American organization to officially announce its membership to the Religious Right.

AFIDI is currently listed on the AFA’s list of 501(C)(3), but this is not surprising, as AFDI was formed in 2011 to defend religious freedom.

The organization is funded by the ABA’s political action committee, which also funds AFDI.

AFDDI’s political activity is well-documented.

AFDC, AFDI, and AFDI are all members of the AFFA, and are all aligned with the AFT’s political arm, the American Federation for Children.

AFDS is also listed as a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, the group that has been responsible for creating a slew of bills designed to undermine reproductive rights.

AFA and AFDS have all been members of AFDI since 2011.

AFDP is another organization that was previously listed as part of AFDDIs political arm.

AFDL was previously a member.

AFED was formerly a member but was dissolved in 2013.

AFDR is a new organization that has recently been listed as an AFDI member.

The name AFED, after the acronym for the American Action Forum, refers to the American Free Life Alliance, an organization that AFD has previously endorsed.

AFDE was formed as an AFA affiliate in 2006, but has since been a registered AFA political action group.

AFAD has since endorsed several bills that have been enacted by the state of California.

AFDA also supported a ballot measure to remove the right to abortion from California’s constitution.

AFDF is also the same organization that sponsored the 2014 ballot measure in California to ban abortion in the state.

AFDM is an affiliate of the California State Assembly, and has been listed in the State Assembly’s legislative agenda since 2010.

AFOD is also an affiliate, and it has been a member for some time.

AFDN is a 501(b)(6) organization, and was listed on AFD’s political agenda in 2013, and in the AAF’s 2016 legislative agenda.

AFDO is also a 501 (c)(4) organization.

AFFD is an active member of AFA, and supports the AAD’s agenda.

AFFD has been active in supporting the AAM’s political activities in the past.

AFI is an AFF affiliate and is a registered member of AFAD, and shares many of the same values and values-driven values that AFDI shares.

AFIF is a very vocal organization, but does not support the AAS agenda.

Instead, AFI has been supportive of other political groups, including AFDL and AFD.

AFFJ is a group that is active in California’s State Senate, and also represents California’s public employees.

AFJ also has strong ties to AFDI and AFA.

AFJS is a branch of AFD, and works to advance the agenda of AFDL, AFDL’s political wing, and other AFF and AFDP affiliates.

AFKJ is the group affiliated with AFD and AFDA, and seeks to fight for marriage equality, public employee rights, and abortion access.

AFKSJ is currently the only affiliate to endorse a proposed law that would require employers to cover birth control pills under their health insurance plans.

AFKO is a newly formed affiliate, formed in 2010, and currently listed as active in the California legislature.

AFKI is a member group of AFDA.


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