What’s in the new Google News?

Google News is the news-tracking app that allows you to quickly search the web using Google’s search engine.

The app has been around since 2013 and is still the default search option in Google search.

Now that the app is officially free and available on Android and iOS, it’s worth checking out the latest version.

The app’s latest update, version 1.6, includes a number of improvements, including: 1) more than 20 new features: including the ability to filter news sources, add and edit content and more, as well as new filters for categories, keywords, and domain name values.2) Google News now automatically downloads new content, which can be used to add or edit existing content.3) It now has a “Top” section where you can add your own content.4) The app now automatically syncs to Google Cloud Search for your other accounts.

5) The site search box now works across devices, including on Android phones and tablets.6) There’s a new tab on the homepage that lets you search for news from the last few days using the same search terms.7) New options have been added to the search field to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.8) You can now search for new news by a domain name, or use the domain name and value estimators to find out what news the website is promoting.9) The new site search button lets you get a search result within the app by typing the word “news”.

The app is also adding new content and filtering options to help you find what’s trending.

The news aggregator app is an extension of Google News, so it’s essentially a new app that is designed to be used in conjunction with Google News.

While Google News still works on Android, it now has an official Google app that will work across other devices and OSes.

For example, it works across iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones.

The new Google app has a very similar interface to the Google News app.

The only difference is that it has a built-in news search bar, and you can now add and filter news articles using the new “top” section.

It also has a more streamlined search interface, where you type in keywords to find news and categories.

It’s also much easier to add and manage your news feed.

The first time you open the new app, it displays a list of all the topics you’re interested in and links to each of the topics.

To get started, simply choose the topic you want to search for, select a topic to add it to, and then click “Add”.

You can also add new topics by adding them to the “Add New Topic” section of the new article’s search bar.

If you want the news app to search a specific topic, select that topic in the “Search” section, and the app will search for that topic by name, using the Google search engine for that keyword.

For instance, if you search “Apple,” the app searches for “Apple products” instead of “Apple.”

When you’re done with the search, you’ll see a summary of the search results.

It will include an image of the relevant news article.

The article will show up in the app, and when you tap on it, you can view the full text of the article.

You can even bookmark it, so you can access it when you’re on the go.

The article is automatically added to your Google News library, so when you return to Google News from the Google app, you will be able to search through the article and view the search result.

You’ll also be able see the search bar that has been added on top of the app’s main search bar to help find what topics you might be interested in.

The search bar lets you see the news articles you’re most likely to find and can be set to display different topics depending on the topics selected.

To add a new topic, simply tap on the “New Topic” link in the search area and enter the topic name, description, and search terms you want added.

The results will then appear on the top of your search results page.

You then can choose to add the topic to your news library, or you can select a separate topic from the list to display in your news collection.

If you select the topic from your news list, the search box will then show up on top.

The search results for a topic in your new news library.

The “Top Stories” section has been redesigned to show you a list with topics you are likely to read in the future.

These topics include the top stories in the last week, and they can also be added to a news collection using the “Show All Topics” option.

If your favorite topic is not in the top 10, you have the option to search on the topic’s name.

The list can also include topics that are related to the topic.

When you search


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